Board of Reviewers
1. Environmental Protection
2. Water Engineering
3. Sustainable Urban Development
4. Roads and Railways
5. Technologies of Geodesy and Cadastre
6. Energy for Buildings
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eISSN 2029-7092
eISBN 978-609-457-640-9
CD ISBN: 978-609-457-690-4
Board of Reviewers

The Board of Reviewers was formed from experts in the field of the Conference topics.

C. Aksamitauskas Lithuania R. Obuchovski Lithuania
R. Albrektiene Lithuania S. Ofverstrom Lithuania
R. Bagdziunaite Lithuania R. Oginskas Lithuania
L. Bagdziunaite-Litvinaitiene Lithuania M. Ostry CzechRepublic
E. Baltrenaite Lithuania V. Palevicius Lithuania
P. Baltrenas Lithuania M. Paliukaite Lithuania
O. Barvidiene Lithuania D. Paliulis Lithuania
K. Baziene Lithuania G. M. Paliulis Lithuania
A. Bernotaite Lithuania L. Papšienė Lithuania
L. Bertuliene Lithuania N. A. Parfentieva Russia
A. Blumberga Latvia E. Parseliunas Lithuania
J. Bradulienė Lithuania E. Petraitis Lithuania
A. Buga Lithuania I. Podagelis Lithuania
M. Bulevicius Lithuania D. Popovas Lithuania
M. Burinskiene Lithuania M. Pranskevicius Lithuania
D. Butkus Lithuania V. Puodziukas Lithuania
A. Cesnulevicius Lithuania R. Putrimas Lithuania
K. Ciuprinskas Lithuania R. Puziene Lithuania
L. Cygaite Lithuania K. Ratkeviciute Lithuania
D. Cygas Lithuania T. Ratkevicius Lithuania
V. Dagilis Lithuania T. Rauckyte Lithuania
R. Dagiliute Lithuania M. Rimeika Lithuania
R. Dziugaite-Tumeniene Lithuania A. Rogoza Lithuania
K. D. Frohner Germany R. Ruminaite Lithuania
K. Gabruleviciute-Skebiene Lithuania B. Ruzgiene Lithuania
I. Gailiene Lithuania E. Sarkiene Lithuania
M. Gedaminskas Lithuania V. Saulys Lithuania
A. Grzebielec Poland O. Sernas Lithuania
V. Grigonis Lithuania G. Siupsinskas Lithuania
A. Griskeviciute-Geciene Lithuania K. Skerys Lithuania
R. Grubliauskas Lithuania E. Skrodenis Lithuania
A. Gvozdkov Russia D. Slikas Lithuania
G. Grybauskaite Lithuania A. Stanionis Lithuania
A. Grzebielec Poland E. K. Staniunas Lithuania
M. Gusaroviene Lithuania M. Staniunas Lithuania
R. Idzelis Lithuania M. Stankevicius Lithuania
J. Jakaitis Lithuania G. Streckiene Lithuania
M. Jakimavicius Lithuania J. Suziedelyte-Visockiene Lithuania
K. Janusevicius Lithuania G. Svecevicius Lithuania
T. Janusevicius Lithuania A.Tumavice Lithuania
V. Jasiuniene Lithuania F. Tuminiene Lithuania
I. Jonauskienė Lithuania A. Usovaite Lithuania
D. Kalibatas Lithuania R. Uspalyte-Vitkuniene Lithuania
P. Kapalo Slovakia V. Vaisis Lithuania
A. Kazlauskienė Lithuania R. Vaiskunaite Lithuania
E. Keras Lithuania P. Vaitiekunas Lithuania
T. Koiv Estonia A. Vaitkus Lithuania
B. Krikstaponis Lithuania L. Vaitkus Lithuania
V. Kveselis Lithuania K. Valancius Lithuania
V. Lapinskiene Lithuania R. Valancius Lithuania
A. Laurinavicius Lithuania M. Valentukeviciene Lithuania
D. Lazauskaite Lithuania S. Vasarevicius Lithuania
I. Lingyte Lithuania J. Venckauskaite Lithuania
A. Litvinaitis Lithuania S. Vilcekova Slovakia
E. Malyavina Russia J. Vitkiene Lithuania
E. Marciulaitiene Lithuania S. Vitolina Lithuania
V. Martinaitis Lithuania V. Vorobjovas Lithuania
A. Mazeikiene Lithuania J. Zagorskas Lithuania
M. Medineckiene Lithuania A. Zagorskis Lithuania
R. Mikucioniene Lithuania M. Zelenakova Lithuania
V. Mileikovskyi Ukraine A. Zigmontienė Lithuania
V. Miseviciute Lithuania D. Zilioniene Lithuania
V. Motuziene Lithuania L. Ziliute Lithuania


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