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eISSN 2029-7092 online
eISBN 978-609-457-640-9
ISBN 978-609-457-690-4 CD
Technologies of Geodesy and Cadastre

Zofia Rzepecka, Mateusz Kowalski, Dariusz Tomaszewski

Georeference laser scanning data based on GNSS antennas models

Conference Information: 9th International Conference “Environmental Engineering”, 22–23 May 2014, Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Source: ICEE-2014 - International Conference on Environmental Engineering
Book Series: International Conference on Environmental Engineering (ICEE) Selected papers
ISSN: eISSN 2029-7092 online
ISBN: eISBN 978-609-457-640-9
ISBN: ISBN 978-609-457-690-4 CD
Year: 2014
Publisher: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Press Technika

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Georeference of data coming from laser scanning is a relevant element of defining a cloud of points. Simultaneously, the process is timeconsuming according to a necessity of defining reference points coordinates. The authors of the article propose a method of a direct georeference of scanned data based on GNSS antennas’ models. In the presented paper a theoretical attitude towards a problem was explained. This approach involves the use of GNSS antennas’ scans and models. The results and derived conclusions are presented.

Keywords: laser scanning; georeference; GNSS antennas’ models.

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