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ISSN 2029-7092 online
ISBN 978-609-457-690-4 CD
ISBN 978-609-457-640-9
 Roads and Railways

Jūratė Vitkienė, Virgaudas Puodžiukas

Design of Road Based on the Applicable Design Methods used in Western European Countries

Conference Information: 9th International Conference on Environmental Engineering, MAY 22-24, 2014 Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Source: ICEE-2014 - International Conference on Environmental Engineering
Book Series: International Conference on Environmental Engineering (ICEE) Selected papers
ISSN: ISSN 2029-7092 online
ISBN: 978-609-457-640-9 / 978-609-457-690-4 CD
Year: 2014
Publisher: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Press Technika

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The rapidly increasing motorization rate in Lithuania causes increasing problems in ensuring safe and convenient traffic on roads and streets. The current situation in Lithuania shows that the number of traffic accidents is still one of the highest in Europe, though every effort has been made to deal with this problem – the laws on traffic safety are created, huge funds are allocated for implementing a variety of safety measures, educational activities are carried out. This suggests that these only measures are not enough and it is necessary to look for new, radical, science-based solutions to ensure road safety. One of the solutions – having studied possibilities for the improvement of safety on roads to apply new methods of road design, taking into consideration the proven experience of the European Union, i.e., the newest road design rules. Design solutions for the reconstructed or newly constructed roads in Lithuania due to imperfect design methods may be unsuitable from the point of view of road safety, as well as Level of Service (LOS). This paper describes the up-to-date road design techniques used in Western European countries (especially in Germany) comparing them to the existing methods in Lithuania. Analysis is made, what are the biggest differences between design methods and what should be done in road design to improve safety and quality of roads in Lithuania.

Keywords: road safety; road design; road design rules; road harmonious; design methods.

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