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ISSN 2029-7092 online
ISBN 978-609-457-690-4 CD
ISBN 978-609-457-640-9
 Water Engineering

Sławomir Żak , Lech Zabłocki

Experimental set for testing methods of industrial wastewaters treatment with the use of flotation techniques

Conference Information: 9th International Conference on Environmental Engineering, MAY 22-24, 2014 Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Source: ICEE-2014 - International Conference on Environmental Engineering
Book Series: International Conference on Environmental Engineering (ICEE) Selected papers
ISSN: ISSN 2029-7092 online
ISBN: 978-609-457-640-9 / 978-609-457-690-4 CD
Year: 2014
Publisher: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Press Technika

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This paper presents a set for testing industrial wastewaters in technical scale using physicochemical methods of their pretreatment at the source of their origin with flotational precipitation of flocculated and thickened dispersed fractions. The installation constructed on a mobile pallet of capacity up to 1.0 m3 /h is equipped with a central, cylindrical-conical process reactor with a slow-speed frame agitator (or with an optional flotator and a surface flotate skimmer), tubular reactors where chemical reagents are dispensed from their preparation and dosing stations, as well as with the process nodes to conduct flotation techniques with induced air (IAF) and/or dissolved air (DAF) according to the own invention or with the assistance of oxidation (OxIAF and/or OxDAF). Using this test set, different methods of physicochemical pretreatment can be optimised by means of i.a.: coagulation, chemical precipitation or deep oxidation and final separation of the dispersed phases with mentioned flotation techniques supported by oxidation with e.g. hydrogen peroxide.

Keywords: mobile testing set; industrial wastewater pretreatment; OxIAF and OxDAF type flotation.

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