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ISSN 2029-7092 online
ISBN 978-609-457-690-4 CD
ISBN 978-609-457-640-9
 Environmental Protection

Ryszard Dachowski, Anna Stepien

Impact of modification of sand-lime mass with organic compounds on the microstructure and mechanical features of silicate bricks

Conference Information: 9th International Conference on Environmental Engineering, MAY 22-23, 2014 Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Source: ICEE-2014 - International Conference on Environmental Engineering
Book Series: International Conference on Environmental Engineering (ICEE) Selected papers
ISSN: ISSN 2029-7092 online
ISBN: 978-609-457-640-9 / 978-609-457-690-4 CD
Year: 2014
Publisher: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Press Technika

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The aim of conducted research is to modify sand-lime blocks with organic compounds, which in turn leads primarily to increase their strength characteristics and resistant to injury. The liquid admixture of organic compounds, which are rich in certain elements, chemical compounds and macro-, micro- and ultraelements (among others colloidal silica or phosphorus) beneficial effects on a number of chemical transformations in the manufacturing process of this products. The SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) examination enabled the phase composition analysis of the modified products. Occurring transformations have an impact on the phase microstructure (C-S-H phase is remodeling, C-S-H is Calcium Silicate Hydrates CaO-SiO2-H2O and and calcium silicate hydrates of arranged structure, i.e. tobermorite), the porosity and physical and mechanical properties of the final product, which is a sand-lime block. The research demonstrated that the application of organic compounds to silicate products led to the creation of the following phase known as tobermorite and sometimes xonotlite. Sand-lime products are a group of construction materials used to erect external and internal walls of buildings. Are called an environmentally friendly, because these products consist only of sand, lime and water. The aim of conducted modification, besides improving features of studied material, is to retain its naturalness and therefore used admixtures are also analyzed in order to estimate their influence on the environment and human.

Keywords: Calcium Silicate Hydrates; C-S-H; tobermorite; silicates; sand-lime blocks; organic compounds.

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